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Mechanical connector and connector kit

The Televes 2341 kit has everything you need to make a mechanical connection of two fiber optic cables.

This kit has as main element the Televes 2322 mechanical splicer, but also includes SC / APC connectors, mechanical splices, fiber cutting, fiber stripping, cleaning tape, cleaning wipes with isopropyl alcohol and cleaning rods for equipment connectors.

The 2341 kit allows the mechanical connection of two fibers at a very economical price.

The Televes 2341 kit allows the connection and splice of two fiber-optic cables.

What does the 2341 Televes kit include?

  • Mechanical splicing machine Ref. 2322 SC / APC Connectors (5 pcs)
  • Mechanical joints (5 units)
  • Fiber cutter Ref. 2323
  • Fiber Peeler Ref. 2324
  • Cleaning tape with a spare,
  • Isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipes (10 units)
  • Cleaning rods for equipment connectors (10 units)

How is the mechanical splicer used?

  1. Each time you use the tool, clean both ends of the area in which the mechanical splice is located. To do this, use a cloth that does not release particles, moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. With the compression lever raised, engage the mechanical coupling ref. 2328. Using the precision peeler ref. 2324, remove between 30 or 40mm of the protective cover that owns the optical fiber. Clean the resulting fi ber using a cloth that does not peel off particles, preferably moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Using the fiber cutter ref. 2323, cut the front fi ber so that it has a length between 12-13mm (12.5mm would be appropriate).
  4. Insert the wire into the splice (through the guide) until it stops.
  5. Insert the fi ber into its holding point (padded area). To do this, press down on the tab on the left and insert the fiber into the open foam holder. Release the flap so that the foam holder retains the fiber.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the second fi ber (right side of the tool).
  7. Insert the second fi ber into its securing point (padded area). Begin pushing the second fi ber toward the fi rst fi ber, until you fi nd how the first fi ber begins to curl. In order for the second fiber to slide, you must have the right flap pressed, so that the foam holder does not retain its movement.
  8. At this point, you must press the tab on the left side, and push the first fi ber towards the second, so that the curvature of the two fibers equals.
  9. Press the compression lever (down) to activate the mechanical splice.
  10. Press the left and right tabs to remove the two ends of fiber that exit the ends of the mechanical joint. Then remove the mechanical fitting ref. 2328 pulling from the center of it.
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