Couple passive balun with hose 15cm

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Couple passive balun with hose 15cm

This balun has the advantage that it can transmit both the video signal and the power of a camera. At both ends you have a BNC connection for video and a 12Vc connection for voltage and 12Vc connection for voltage and on the other end RJ45 connection. .

It is a balun very easy to use and connect to any CCTV installation. In addition, its 15 cm hose makes it even more moldable to any installation.

How does it work?

Category 5 UTP cable is used, the cable is crimped as if it were an ethernet connection and the RJ45 is connected to the balun. So, you run the UTP cable to the other end of the installation, connect another RJ45 to the cable, and connect the cable to the balun. As simple as that.

Technical Specifications of the Pair of passive balun with power supply and 15cm hose

You can see how it works at minute 5:40 of this video:


  •      Hose 15 cm
  •      Up to 300 meters away
  •      No power required
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