Cat 6 Cu LSOH FTP Cable on Wood Coil (305m)

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Data cable FTP category 6 LSOH

The Bitel CAS \ LFTP-C6 network cable is an FTP cable that is supplied in a 305-meter coil.

This FTP cable for data networks is manufactured by 4 pairs of copper wires, interwoven two by two, housed in cavities to comply with the CAT6 specifications and with aluminum coating that acts as a shield and protection of the signal it transmits.

The outer cover is made of PVC.

This cable is recommended for use in large areas and buildings that need data transmission at 1000MBps.

The Bitel category 6 FTP CAS - LFTP-C6 data cable allows internal data transmission in a home installation.

What technical characteristics does the CAS - LFTP-C6 data cable have?

  • Braided cable of 4 pairs.
  • Armored set by aluminum tape.
  • Marking of length
  • Packaged in "reel-in-box".
  • Guaranteed performance at 100 MHz.
  • Tear cord to facilitate peeling.
  • Recommended for domestic installations.
  • FTP protection.
  • Cable for interior.
More Information
EAN 8401310332515
System CAT6
Serie 305m
Entorno Interior
Color White
Cobertura Exterior Cables PVC
Conductor Interno Cables Copper (Cu)
Product Brand Bitel Group
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