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Take separator TV-FM-SAT / DATA. Ref. 5250 Televes.

Televes takes separator for TV facilities, radio, TV and data. This decision is an all in one, by which you can reduce the number of sockets in your system.


     Live connection simple push, do not tighten any screws.
    It allows viewing of the connection.
     It supports live diameters Ø 0.65 to Ø 1,2 mm.
     It supports cable outer diameter Ø 5 to Ø 6.9 mm.
     Comply with the European Directives 2004/108 / EEC and 2006/95 / EEC
     The socket and data connection are supported DOCSIS 3.0

More Information
EAN 8424450134825
System DTT & SAT
SERIE Network Termination
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Connection
Entorno Interior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection IEC
Input signal DAB, FI, FM, UHF, VHF
Insertion Loss (dB) 10
Current bypass Yes
Product Brand Televes
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