Decoder for Conversion by MDS/VDS System

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Decoder for Conversion of the MDS System to VDS Fermax 2409

Using the Fermax 2409 decoder, we can convert from the MDS system of the general entrance to the ADS system of the interior blocks. This requires one MDS / ADS decoder per block.

With this decoder you will be able to manage from 1 to 199 dwellings per block, for this, from the general MDS entrance, communication will be established with any dwelling of the different blocks installed in the decoder.

It should be installed (preferably) where the power supply of the interior block is installed, next to the video changer if it has one. It is recommended to use a power supply for each interior block, in order to avoid interference with the signals that are generated in a block.

The MDS / ADS decoder, in addition to being an interface between the two systems, acts as an audio changer, this means that when it is idle, it allows communication between the ADS interior panels and the dwellings of the block.

Decoder for Conversion from MDS System to ADS System

What are the main features of the Fermax 2409 VDS / MDS Decoder?

  • MDS
      • Audio: 6-wire bus
      • Video: audio bus + Coaxial (video) + 2 power wires
      • Maximum distance in the installation depending on the section of the cable used (consult technical manuals)
  • VDS
      • Audio: 3-wire bus.
      • Video: UTP CAT5 / 5 wires / 3 wires + Coaxial (video).
      • Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.

What technical specifications does the VDS / MDS Fermax 2409 Decoder have?

  • Feeding; Consumption:

      • ADS: 18 Vdc; 25mA min - 80 mA max.

      • MDS: 12 Vdc; 15 mA min - 60 mA max.

      • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 ºC

  • Dimensions: 62x85x20 mm ((height-width-depth).
  • MDS System Power:
      • Audio: 12 Vdc
      • Video: 18 Vdc
  • ADS System Power:
      • Audio and Video: 18 Vdc
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