Double metal flange Ø50mm 60x150mm

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Rover Satellite 60001 Double Clamp

The 60001 double flange is a metal flange that can be used differently. For example, to fix two masts together, or a mast to a railing or turret.

This flange has dimensions of 60 x 150 mm, and is perfect for a mast between 25 and 50 mm in diameter.

The 60001 clamp allows one mast to be attached to another.

The flange 60001 is a double metal clamp for masts of 25 to 50 mm in diameter.

What technical characteristics does the Satelite Rover flange 60001 have?

  • Toothed clamp
  • Threaded stud of M-8.
  • Clamp made of galvanized iron sheet 1.8 mm thick.
  • Stud with diameter 7 mm x 330 mm
  • Antioxidant protection bath, zinc-plated.
  • Weight: 360 gr

What is the Satelite Rover flange 60001 used for?

A double flange such as clamp 60001 of Satellite Rover is a metal flange to join two masts together or to join a mast to a railing.

More Information
EAN 8413600010010
System Winds
SERIE Wind Accessories
Support Type Metal flange
Pair required Yes
Enviroment Mast, Turret
Product Brand Satélite Rover
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