Terrestrial and Satellite TV signal mixer by Tecatel

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TDT and satellite mixer

The mixer can mix DTT+SAT and distribute two signals thanks to its two inputs with female F-type connectors and their output with female F-type connector.

This Tecatel article allows us to mix two different signals from 2 different coaxial cables (for example a DTT and a satellite antenna).

The MIX-TVSATCLA mixer allows the passage of the signals included in the frequency range from 5 to 2400 MHz.

The MIX-TVSATCLA mixer allows you to mix two signals from two different coaxial cables into a single coaxial cable.

What are the technical characteristics of the Tecatel MIX-TVSATCLA mixer?

  • Insertion losses of 3dB for TV and 3.5dB for SAT.
  • Used to connect two TV or radio signals.
  • It has current passage.
  • Merge two signals.
  • It has a solid cast zinc housing.
  • Suitable for the combination of two signals.
  • Cast zinc die cast housing.

What is a mixer used for?

A signal mixer such as the MIX-TVSAT is used to mix two signals from two different coaxial cables, to see thus the channels of both cables in a single receiver.

For example if we have a satellite antenna and a DTT antenna, but we want to take it to our home with a single coaxial cable which includes both frequencies, we will use this mixer, in order not to have two different branches in our building.

More Information
EAN 8430549051683
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Mixer
Entorno Interior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection F
Current bypass Yes
Product Brand Tecatel
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