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Datacom €coplus Energy Saver

EcoPlus is a stand-by consumption saving device. Most of our electronic devices remain in a standby or waiting state when they are not being used. This device allows you to save almost the entire part of your electricity bill generated by electronic devices or devices that remain on stand-by (with the little red light on).

Save now that consumption expense when your television is idle or your game console, screen, receiver, printer or any electronic device that you have regularly connected to your home or office network.

It is possible to control it with the central panel or with the included remote control. Installation is very simple. Its design is modern and minimalist, very discreet. It has 2 plugs, one to save consumption at rest (the one marked in green) and another for devices that cannot be completely disconnected (such as alarm clocks, video recorders, etc). In the green plug we can connect a power strip where we have the devices that are normally turned off.

Datacom €coplus Energy Saver Technical Specifications

What features does this device have?

- Easy installation and handling (it can be turned on/off with a key from any remote control that we already have)
- Modern and ergonomic design
- LED indicator of device status
- Protection against overloads and surges in the electrical network
- Without the inconvenience of having to plug and unplug the devices you want to save on stand-by consumption.

- Two plugs: one, marked in green, for devices that you want to save consumption while idle (TV, DVD, game console, DTT receiver, etc.) and another for devices that cannot be completely disconnected (for example: alarm clock, video recorder, etc.)

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EAN 8437007033274
System Red
SERIE power supply
Color Black
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Product Brand Datacom TDT
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