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Comelit IKALL Entrance Panel Series

The IKALL panel series offers contemporary style solutions, fully customizable and widely modular. Plates with high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Technology and style in two modular versions: with pushbuttons and with electronic directory; both with acoustic and LED backlit indications.

  • Analog Version: The panel has a button for each user, ideal for single-family homes and small neighborhood communities.
  • Digital Version: This panel has a screen with a directory and a sensitive touch keyboard to search for the user who wants to call or dial the calling code directly.

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  1. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 2 Modules Panel
    SKU: COM3110/2

    €4.60 Tax included
  2. Flush Mount Box 3 Modules for Entrance Panels 3110/3A
    SKU: COM3110/3A

    €4.95 Tax included
  3. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 1 Module Panel
    SKU: COM3110/1

    €5.88 Tax included
  4. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 3 Modules Panel
    SKU: COM3110/3

    €6.40 Tax included
  5. 1 Module Finishing Frame for Entrance Panel Comelit
    SKU: COM31141

    €24.07 Tax included
  6. Comelit Black Plain Module for IKALL Panel
    SKU: COM3334

    €26.93 Tax included
  7. IKALL Comelit Trim Frame 31142
    SKU: COM31142

    €27.45 Tax included
  8. IKALL Audio and Video Groups Mounting Accessory
    SKU: COM1250IKV

    €28.34 Tax included
  9. Accesorio Montaje Audio/Vídeo IKALL Monobloque
    SKU: COM1250IV

    €35.37 Tax included
  10. Accesory for Mounting IKALL Audio Units on Single-Plate Panel
    SKU: COM1250IA

    €35.57 Tax included
  11. 33Vdc Power Supply for IKALL Entrance Panel
    SKU: COM1595

    €37.86 Tax included
  12. Comelit Anthracite Gray 1 Module IKALL Frame
    SKU: COM3311/1A

    €37.93 Tax included
  13. Zero-Button Audio Module for IKALL Panel
    SKU: COM33400

    €39.89 Tax included
  14. IKALL Trim Frame 3 Modules Comelit 31143
    SKU: COM31143

    €42.43 Tax included
  15. Comelit Anthracite Gray 2 Modules IKALL Frame
    SKU: COM3311/2A

    €46.03 Tax included
  16. One-Button Video Module for IKALL Panel
    SKU: COM33411

    €48.29 Tax included
  17. IKALL Metal Frame 3 Modules Silver Comelit
    SKU: COM3311/3S

    €57.75 Tax included
  18. Comelit Anthracite Gray 3 Modules IKALL Frame
    SKU: COM3311/3A

    €57.75 Tax included
  19. Video Module 0 Buttons IKALL Metal Panel Comelit
    SKU: COM33410M

    €59.59 Tax included
  20. IKALL Simplebus/VIP 3 Button Module
    SKU: COM33433

    €60.22 Tax included
  21. IKALL Simplebus/VIP 6 Button Module
    SKU: COM33436

    €60.29 Tax included
  22. IKALL Simplebus/VIP 4 Button Module
    SKU: COM33434

    €61.90 Tax included
  23. Comelit 2-Module Aluminum Rain Hood
    SKU: COM31122

    €67.98 Tax included
  24. Two-Button Video Module for IKALL Entry Panel
    SKU: COM33412

    €70.68 Tax included
  25. IKALL Metal 4 Button Module Simplebus/VIP
    SKU: COM33434M

    €81.35 Tax included
  26. IKALL Metal 6 Push Button Module Simplebus/VIP
    SKU: COM33436M

    €83.33 Tax included
  27. IKALL Metal Natural Aluminum Rain Visor
    SKU: COM31123

    €87.59 Tax included
  28. IKALL 1 Module Housing with Rain Shield Comelit
    SKU: COM31161

    €92.06 Tax included
  29. IKALL Simplebus 2W Audio Unit Comelit
    SKU: COM1621

    €95.89 Tax included
  30. 1 Button Video Module IKALL Metal Panel Comelit
    SKU: COM33411M

    €99.68 Tax included
  31. IKALL 6 Button Module for Traditional System
    SKU: COM33426

    €103.94 Tax included
  32. IKALL 2 Module Housing with Rainshield Comelit
    SKU: COM31162

    €110.61 Tax included
  33. IKALL 3 Modules Housing with Rainshield
    SKU: COM31163

    €136.61 Tax included
  34. IKALL Simplebus 2-Wire Color Camera Group Outlet
    SKU: COM4680COUT

    €222.25 Tax included
  35. IKALL Simplebus 2-Wire Color Camera Group
    SKU: COM4680C

    €239.35 Tax included
  36. 2 Wires IKALL Audio Unit for Remote Camera Comelit
    SKU: COM1622VC

    €251.89 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 39

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Comelit IKALL Series