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Fiber optic cleaning kit

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FO cleaning kit

The Televes Cleaning Kit 232710 is specially designed to clean the fiber optic cable when making a splice or connectorization.

This kit includes 50 wipes of isopropyl alcohol and 25 swabs.

With the kit 232710 you will have everything you need to perform a perfect cleaning of the fiber optic cable.


The cleaning kit 232710 is a cleaning kit for fiber optics that includes everything necessary to keep our fiber clean when making a splicing or connectorization.

What are the technical characteristics of the 232710 kit?

  • Fiber optic cleaning kit.
  • Includes 50 wipes of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Includes 25 rods.

What is fiber optics?

The optical fiber is a transmission medium, usually used in data networks and telecommunications, consisting of a very thin wire of transparent material, glass or plastic materials, by which pulses of light representing the data to be transmitted are sent. The light beam is completely confined and propagates through the interior of the fiber with a reflection angle above the total reflection limit angle, as a function of Snell's law. The light source can be a laser or led diode.

The fibers are widely used in telecommunications, since they allow to send great amount of data over a great distance, with speeds similar to those of the radio and superior to those of a conventional cable. They are the most advanced cable transmission medium, being immune to electromagnetic interference, and are also used for local networks where it is necessary to take advantage of the fiber optic over other transmission media.

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Manufacturer Televes

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