Fiberkom mininode C/RET 2 FO

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The optical mininodes do of bridge it enters the coaxial technology and the optical networks. They transform the optical signs into signs that they could travel for cables coaxiale up to the user's modem. In addition they transform the signs of the coaxial modem, in optical signs.


  • It is ideal for applications FTTB (installation up to the assault) / FTTH (installation up to the home). 
  • The only fiber uses for the direct channel (1540 ... 1560nm) and the backward channel (1610nm). 
  • The laser DBF (Class 1M) is of high quality in both channels. 
  • It has two manners of functioning:
  • CW (Continuous Wave) in which the laser transmits in a continuous way. Very useful in FTTB. 
  • RFoG (RF over Glass) where the laser only transmits when there are packages that should be transmitted. It is in use in facilities FTTH.
  • It has built-in OLC (Optical Level Control), which regulates the parameters of automatic form to obtain a level of constant exit. 
  • The coaxial exit is supply. 
  • Level of 93dBµV for 42ch CENELEC. (CSO, CTB> 60dB). 
  • A consumption has very low consumption (4w)
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