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100 bag of long white flanges

These white flanges are ideal for fixing and organizing telecommunication cables to masts and turrets, as well as ordering the installation of cables.

With the use of flanges, our facilities will be clean and tidy.

These flanges are made in Naylon and are perfect for situations where the cables are white, since it will not be noticed that we have them, but we must take into account the length of this flange, since it is 250 mm long, which causes A greater

The long flanges are used to organize our cables when the installation of telecommunications.

What are the characteristics of flanges?

  • They are white.
  • They have approximate measurements of 250x4.8 mm
  • They are made of nylon.

What is a flange?

A flange consists of a sturdy nylon strap with an integrated zipper, and at one end a ratchet inside a small, open box.

The flanges were designed for aircraft cable harnesses, and their original design consisted of a metal ratchet instead of nylon. Later it was changed to nylon or plastic.

You can use a tool to apply a flange with a specific degree of tension, this tool can also cut the extra tail flush the head in order to avoid a sharp edge that could otherwise cause injuries.

In order to increase the resistance to ultraviolet light in outdoor applications, we use a specific type of nylon containing a minimum of 2% of carbon black used to protect the polymer chains and prolong the shelf life of The flange. number of cables can be fixed.

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