HDMI Extender up to 60 meters FULL HD 1080p CAT5E and CAT6

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HDMI extender up to 50 meters per data cable.

This device uses two CAT-5e or CAT 6 cables to carry the HD signal up to 50 meters away with the 1080P standard. Using this device can solve the problem of maximum length of HDMI cables and enjoy greater flexibility of the CAT-5E or CAT 6 cable.

It includes HDMI female connectors and has the possibility of supporting the DVI connection using an HDMI-DVI adapter (not included), which makes the use of this device even more versatile.

This HDMI signal extender allows cable transmission of HD signal data up to a distance of 50 meters.

What technical characteristics does the HDMI extender have?

  • It allows to extend the signal up to a distance of 50 meters.
  • It has a female HDMI connector and a female RJ45 connector.
  • UTP category 5e or category 6 cable can be used.

What is an HDMI extender used for?

An HDMI cable data extender is used when you need to cover a long distance. A data cable is more manageable than an HDMI cable, making it easier to install by gutters or strips.

Also thanks to the fact that it allows the extension of the signal up to 50 meters, we can see a satellite decoder or DTT receiver in another point of the house.

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EAN 8435325415444
System CAT5E
Serie 60m
Color Black
HDMI Equipment HDMI adapters
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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