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4K HDMI 2.0 cable 1 meter

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1 meter 4K HDMI cable version 2.0

The arrival of televisions with 4K resolution has made HDMI 2.0 cable the most widespread today. Its improvements over the previous version 1.4 make it the best choice if it is a priority for you to enjoy the best image quality and the most surround sound for the home.

It is a cable with better transmission speed, which allows it to support fluid 4K resolutions at 60 FPS and a total of 32 audio channels, more than enough for your home stereo. In addition to this, it also has support for dynamic HDR.

Being a cable higher than 1.4, it also integrates the compatibility with 3D video and Ethernet that characterizes it.

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Technical specifications of the 4K HDMI Cable 1 meter version 2.0

The 1 meter HDMI cable features version 2.0, a new, improved version that offers enhanced color support enhancements, so the new HDMI can bring a more real-life color TV, especially when you connect a camcorder.

The audio also undergoes improvements, as it offers an audio return channel that will require fewer cables to have a surround sound system connected to the TV.

3D cinema will not take long to land in a fulminating way, and with this cable we will be able to send data and videos of this new technology.

How do I know if an HDMI cable is of quality?

To evaluate the quality of an HDMI cable you have to take into account components and the type of manufacture.

To determine the quality of the cable, we must consider the following points:

  • Driver:
    • The driver must be multi-stranded. They should not be conductors with a single central wire.
    • The conductor should be made of copper, not copper or other alloys of lower cost.
    • The number of conductors has to be 19 since these are the stipulated pins conceived in the norm and not of 15 threads which limits the use of future applications.
    • The conductors must be braided and equipped with shielding mesh. Like any type of data cable. Without shielding it would not comply with the EC directive.
  • The cover:
    • The cover must comply with the directive directive RoHs, so that it does not contain contaminating elements.
    • The cover should not have excessive wrinkles and creases.
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EAN 4012386150817
Length 1 meters
Color Black
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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