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iLOFT Hands-Free Telephone DUOX PLUS (2-wire)

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iLOFT Hands-Free Telephone DUOX PLUS (2 wires) Fermax 3450

Fermax DUOX PLUS system (2 digital wires) electronic door phone, with hands-free communication with the entrance panel.

It can be set to 'Push To Talk' mode if located in very noisy environments. The call and conversation volume can be adjusted using a very intuitive wheel control.

It includes a button to activate / deactivate communication with the door panel, door release button and F1 button for additional functions: such as a concierge call (if any), staircase lighting, second door opening, panic call, etc.

Telephone made of white ABS plastic resistant to ultraviolet rays and with a matte finish. Compact and extra-flat design, for surface installation.

24/48 Hours

iLOFT telephone with Hands-Free communication for Fermax 2-wire DUOX PLUS intercom system

What technical specifications does the Fermax 3450 Telephone have?

  • Dimensions (mm): 90 x 146.5 x 20
  • Self-start: with this functionality it is possible to start a conversation with the entrance panel without prior call
  • Mounting: surface.
  • Call volume control with sliding wheel. Do Not Disturb mode signaled by red led.
  • Doorbell: for direct connection of the house call button to the telephone.
  • Private communication. Conversation secret.
  • 5 selectable melodies.
  • Configurable automatic door opening function. Green led signaling.
  • Configurable Push-To-Talk mode.
  • Line adapter included (A, C, default position OFF).
  • Time to answer or open since the call occurs: 30s.
  • Talk time: 90s.
  • Supply voltage: 18-24 Vdc
  • Consumption:
    • standby: 0.4 W
    • maximum: 3.6 W
  • Operating temperature: [-5ºC, + 40ºC]
  • Connection terminals: Bin, Bin, Bout, Bout, -, A +, F1, T
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EAN 8424299034508
Color White
Color Solo Audio
Type Phone
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