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Purchase economic field meters for installation.

In this category you will find economic field meters to suit all your needs. From the simplest, called pointers, cause they are meters that serve to orient antennas, to  semi-professional meters which give signal measurements and even display images on the screen.

Pointers, semi-professional meters, HD meters.

A pointer is a signal meter that helps us in the orientation of an antenna, whether satellite or terrestrial. They are very economical equipment that take very basic measures, usually indicated in percent. For its price and simplicity they are recommended to individuals who are going to give them self or very occasional use.

The field meters are semi-professional equipment as they provide a more accurate measure, and also to help orientation, serve to verify user port signal or output amplification, usually using an attenuator. We recommend it to installers who are just starting in the industry and do not yet have a customer base that requires them for a professional field meter.

Professional field meters are specialized equipment that give a real measure, both quality (MER) and signal to noise ratio (C/N). They serve to orient antennas, perform measurements to output amplification, verify user outputs, certify telecommunication installation, performing test protocols and all what an authorized installer needs to perform his everyday work . These equipment are displayed into field meters category.


The STC1000 pointer is a basic instrument. Measures both DTT and satellite signals. The advantage respect the sound locators is that this pointer can measure the signal from a particular transponder we want to measure, what gives us the certainty to be pointing to the correct satellite. The DTT signal measurement helps to guide terrestrial antennas and leave them in the best position.

apuntador sct 1000

The meter HD 5 Combo Megasat allows measurements for satellite, terrestrial and cable (DVB-S/-S2/-S2X/-C/-C 2/T/-T2 H.264 y H.265/HEVC)), noise measurements (C/N), quality (BER), power (dBmV), spectrum and constellation. It is more powerful than pointers and it can help an istaller to resolve an installation.
megasat hd5
The field meter HD COMBO Megasat is a very well balanced equipment that has a good value for money. It performs measurements for satellite and cable DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DVB-T terrestrial signals/T2. Measures MER in satellite, terrestrial BER in addition to power and quality in both of them. Image constellation and even channel image on its 5" screen.

We recommend this meter to an installer which has a customer base, to make orientations and output amplification measures. Although an attenuator is needed to measure the output amplifiication, it is very close to a professional meter, excepting that you can not measure the MER on terrestrial signals, which makes that not to be listed for authorized telecommunications installers registration. For all the rest, it performs all the functions. It is a compact meter, lightweight and easy to use. For those who need a daily equipment, do not want to invest in a professional equipment and do not need to register as an installer, it is a highly recommended meter.


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