Loft Phone 4+N

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Fermax 4 + N Extra Loft Phone

Electronic door phone only for replacement of Fermax analogue telephones (with 5 wires of connection). It is not a universal phone, nor is it valid for the substitution of other brands. This model is the next to 3393 but adds two programmable buttons, volume control and power button on / off. Made of high-impact ABS plastic, it has ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light. Easy installation. Uses the conventional system of common threads plus 1 call wire, called 4 + N.

Analog audio terminal for Fermax 5-wire handsets.

What technical features does the Loft 4 + N Extra phone have?


  • The handset incorporates a magnet to hold the handset to the body of the phone, which facilitates the hanging of the handset and prevents falls.
  • Screwed on surface.
  • Power System:
    • Audio: 12 Vac
  • Door release button.
  • Weight: 0.3125 kg
  • Measures of the product packed: 25,8x8,8x5,8 cm
  • Call volume control.
  • Control on / off.
  • It has 2 pushbuttons for additional functions (no function assigned).

What phones are supported?

The old and outdated Fermax electronic door phones can be replaced by this model 3394. This is the list of obsolete models and phone codes:

Citymax 8045
Citymax 8051
Extra Secreto 8038
Complet Secreto 8057
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