LTE Filter indoor, F connector cut on channel 59

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LTE Filter for Fracarro Interior

Do you have pixelation problems due to the LTE interference generated by a 4G telephony antenna? This LTE filter with Fracarro F connector is the solution to avoid this interference and watch your television without problem.

This filter has high attenuations in the band of the Digital Dividend (790 - 862 MHz), and allows to incorporate this type of filters in installations close to situations that require the rejection of these frequencies, in order to protect the televisions that are affected by the telephones 4G

They are simple filters for practical use that are easily installed, obtaining amazing results in the rejection of Digital Dividend bands and without affecting TV signals.

Fracarro's LTE filter is a filter with cut-off in channel 59 to avoid 4G interference produced by telephony antennas.

What technical characteristics does the Fracarro LTE filter have?

  • Selectivity signals 4G / LTE: 25 ... 40 dB
  • Frequency Range: 1 ... 782MHz
  • Current step: Yes
  • Return losses: ≥8dB

What is an LTE filter used for?

Since October 26, 2014, we have been immersed in the Digital Dividend. And, what is the Digital Dividend? Very briefly we can say that the Digital Dividend is a plan that regulates the emission frequencies of the DTT channels, in which the 800 MHz band is occupied by the modern 4G technology, which entails a relocation of the chains of TV. You can find more information in our blog

When the 4G technology enters into operation, it may cause signal interference with the DTT channels, causing cuts in the broadcast of the programming. For this, the major industry leaders have created devices capable of avoiding these interferences, called LTE filters.

More Information
EAN 8016978094370
System DTT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Filter
Entorno Interior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection F
Cut channel 59
Input signal DAB, FM, UHF
Insertion Loss (dB) 7
Product Brand Fracarro
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