Mast 3 m. Carraqueado, Ø 40 mm, 2 mm thick.

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Mast of 3 m. Carraqueado, 40 mm diameter, 2 mm thick. Ref: 3072 of Televes.

This Mast of 3 meters long and 40 mm of diameter is ideal for installations where is needed to raise the TV antenna to better capture the signal. It is also used to mount multiple antennas on the same mast. For example antenna DTT and FM radio antenna. The rules stated in this case that the minimum separation between antennas is 1 meter. At the top of the antenna DTT, one meter below the FM antenna and a meter is to hold the mast with two brackets.

The brackets are sold separately masts and two units are needed to keep them upright. You can see the section of mast holder.

*Due to the length and/or size of the product, the indicated delivery time could be delayed.


  • Corrosion protection Zinc + RPR.
  • Measures (3m x 40 mm x 2 mm).
  • Diameter: 40 mm.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.
  • Bending Moment: 508.72.
More Information
EAN 8424450030721
System Mast
SERIE 40mm
Length 3 m
Diameter 40 mm
Product Brand Televes
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