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Mast Amp. Kit UHF-UHF-VHF 40/25dB LTE + 24Vdc Power Supply

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Engel Axil
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Engel AM6213KL Kit: Mast Amplifier UHF-UHF-VHF 40dB + 24Vdc Power Supply

Engel AM6213L mast amplifier plus AL6120 Power Supply. The amplifier has 3 inputs (UHF-UHF-VHF), offers a gain of 40dB for UHF and 25dB for VHF, supports up to 110dBμV output and incorporates LTE filter (470-790 MHz).

The amplifier is protected inside a watertight ABS plastic case so that it can be installed on the antenna mast. It allows to connect 2 UHF antennas and a BIII or FM, mixing all the signals at the output.

The power supply sends 24Vdc 55mA to the amplifier, and has 2 outputs for distribution to the TV-FM sockets. Its compact design makes it easy to install in junction boxes without taking up space.


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Mast Amplifier Kit 3 UHF-UHF-VHF 40/25dB LTE Inputs + 24Vdc Power Supply

What technical specifications does the Engel AM6213KL Kit have?

  • Inputs: 3 (VHF / UHF / UHF)
  • Gain: VHF: 25dB / UHF: 40dB
  • Gain regulation range: 0-20 dB
  • Maximum output level: 110 dBμV
  • Power/consumption: 24V / 40mA
  • Noise factor: VHF: 5 / UHF: 4
  • Connection: Type "F" connectors
More Information
EAN 8434128000154
Color Blue
Type Mast amplifier
Entorno Exterior
Input signal UHF, VHF
# Inputs 3
Outputs 2
Gain 40
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 110
LTE compatible No
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