Mast of 2.5 meters x 40 mm diameter x 2 mm thick Televes

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2.5m mast with 40mm diameter of Televes.

The Televes 3009 mast is a 2.5 meter high mast with a diameter of 40mm perfect for the installation of UHF, FM, DAB and satellite antennas.

This mast is ideal for installations where a high height is not necessary.

The Televes 3009 mast is galvanized and protected with an extra layer of RPR that increases its resistance to corrosion.

*Due to the length and/or size of the product, the indicated delivery time could be delayed.

The 3009 mast of Televes is a mast 2.5 meters high and 40mm in diameter.

What technical characteristics does the Televes mast 3009 have?

  • Mast 40 mm Ø and 2 mm thick.
  • 40 x 2500 x 2mm.
  • Bending moment: 299.70.
  • Zinc + RPR corrosion protection
  • Steel mast
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Dual treatment of galvanized and reactive sealing (RPR).
  • It allows to assemble it with other masts to extend its length.
  • Fixing by screws.
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Length2.5 m
Diameter40 mm
Product BrandTeleves
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