TV Mounts

Did you know that the television mount offers great advantages and comforts?

Next we are going to list the benefits of installing a television stand for your home:

  • Probably the most important benefit of a television stand is the optimization of space. You will save space and it is ideal for both small and large spaces.
  • Place your television anywhere in the house. You will not need a specific piece of furniture and the multitude of combinations and places to place it is skyrocketing.
  • Some support models allow us to rotate our television to see your favorite program from almost anywhere. Certain models include an arm that allows them to be detached from the wall and flipped at virtually all angles.
  • We can say that it improves the aesthetics of your home or business. It gives a touch of modernity and elegance with respect to the traditional ones.
  • A small detail and not important to us, is that they allow easier cleaning, without having to take them by weight.

What television mount to buy?

When buying a television support we must take into account two characteristics: the dimensions of the television or the type of support structure.

  • Depending on the size and weight of the television:

We must check both the inches and the weight of the television to find the support that is best suited. In this regard, the weight of the television is usually even a more relevant factor since depending on the weight, a support will have to be chosen to hold it.

  • According to VESA standard:

The VESA is a standard of measurements for the installation of the supports. These are the distances between the mounting holes on the back of the TV.

Types of television stands

We can distinguish between 4 types of television supports:

  • Fixed mount

They are the most common to watch, and are characterized by keeping the television fixed on the wall. They are the cheapest, but do not allow turning the television.

See fixed mounts

  • Adjustable TV mount and with arm

Their main advantage is that they allow the television to be moved sideways and slightly tilted up and down.

We also have stands that include an extendable arm to allow you to move and rotate the TV at almost any angle. They can be installed on side walls and removed and hidden as desired.

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  • Ceiling TV mount

It is common for shops and businesses to use this type of support and to be able to place the television in the middle of corridors or in meeting rooms, among others.

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