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MIFARE White proximity card

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The MIFARE-CARD card uses MIFARE radio frequency technology with a unique ID to identify itself by simply bringing the card closer to the compatible reader.

Its programming is the simplest. Being a passive device, it does not require batteries or maintenance.

It is plain white, it can be printed on its entire surface without affecting its operation.

24/48 Hours

White MIFARE proximity card for radio frequency identification for access controls.

What features does the MIFARE-CARD card have?

RFID 13.56 MHz Passive
Memory capacity 1K
Material PVC
Dimensions 54 (H) x 85 (W) mm
Weight 6 g

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8439286610016
Color White
Identification MIFARE Card/Keychain
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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