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Monitor SMILE 7 "VDS with connector

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Monitor SMILE 7 "VDS with connector

The Smile 7 "6550 monitor from Fermax is the perfect option to integrate into the most modern and contemporary homes, thanks to its compact design and essential shape that transmits a fresh and elegant style at the same time.

Smile reduces and stylizes its components, allowing the user to enjoy maximum simplicity: a terminal with a flat surface, rounded corners and an extra-flat profile.

For its installation it is necessary the connector 6565, which is included in this kit.

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This kit incorporates everything necessary for the installation of the 7 "SMILE video door monitor with VDS technology.

What technical characteristics does the 6550 monitor have?

  • TFT screen 7 ".
  • Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V) lines.
  • System power: 18 Vdc
  • Door opener button and concierge call.
  • Self-start button for activation of main and secondary cameras (sequentially)
  • Button to establish communication.
  • Button to end the communication.
  • Call volume regulation
  • Regulation of color, brightness and contrast.
  • Doorbell: for direct connection of the call button of the apartment to the monitor / telephone.
  • Selectable call melodies.
  • It has 2 buttons for additional functions (without assigned function).
  • Private communication Conversation secret
  • Total hands-free operation, once activated the street-dwelling channel, the communication is simultaneous.
  • Consumption:
  • At rest: 33 mA
  • Active: 400 mA
  • Monitor with OSD screen: It incorporates an intuitive menu through graphic icons so that the installer can perform the programming of the monitor functions according to the needs of the installation and also for the user who can access the user settings for personalization, that is, the profile of use of your equipment: brightness and contrast, type and volume of melodies, additional functions, activate and deactivate the silence mode, etc ..
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EAN 8424299655017
System VDS
Color White
Type Monitor
Product Brand Fermax
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