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Winds mounting kit for Ø45mm Mast

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4361 Televes Wind Mounting Kit

Winds mounting kit for Ø 45mm diameter masts. Ideal for when you need to mount masts with 5 meters or more. The plate has zinc coating and RPR to improve its resistance against corrosion.

The kit includes everything necessary for the installation of the winds: plate with flange for winds (ref. 2408), 3 tensioners and 6 cable ties, 25m of galvanized steel cable, Ø 2mm.

To fasten it to the ground, we recommend the use of a metal stud with a ring.

24/48 Hours

Televes woodwind kit for Ø 45mm masts.

What does the Televes 4361 wind mounting kit include?

  • The plate has a zinc treatment + RPR: Great resistance to corrosion
  • Cable break voltage greater than 200 Kp (1960 N)
  • 25 meters of steel cable
  • Mast clamp for three tension points
  • Mast clamping stop
  • 3 turnbuckles
  • 6 wire rope end clips
  • Maximum tube diameter Ø 45mm
24/48 Hours
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EAN 8424450043615
System Winds
SERIE 45mm
Color Silver
Type Steel wires, Tensioners, Wind clamps
Product Brand Televes
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