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NearKey Fermax Autonomous Bluetooth Receiver

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NearKey Standalone Bluetooth Receiver Fermax 2637

Forget about the keys!

The Fermax NearKey receiver allows the door to be opened from the mobile using the free APP. NearKey is an ideal solution for houses/communities, offices/premises, rural houses/tourist apartments and garages/barriers.

This receiver can be installed hidden inside the entrance panel and does not need to be connected by WiFi since it connects to the APP via Bluetooth. It is very easy to install: register the receiver in the cloud using the APP and adjust the Administrator permissions. The administrator can create and delete virtual keys remotely and unlimitedly; And if it is for a single-family home, the user can send virtual keys to whoever they want.

If a reader breaks, it is not necessary to register all users again, since the configuration is saved in the cloud.

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NearKey Bluetooth receiver, your keys on your mobile and at all times.

What are the main features of the NearKey Fermax 2637 receiver?

  • Access control system by Bluetooth. Management from an APP or WEB platform from where you can give
  • High readers and send invitations to users by email.
  • The electronics of this receiver allows it to be installed in a hidden way behind the door entry panels and
  • video door phone (behind panoramic card holders, push buttons) or in distribution boxes, watertight or in false ceilings.
  • The access control APP allows the opening of doors from the mobile.
  • The receiver does not need to be connected to a WIFI (offline) network.
  • The APP also updates the registration and cancellation information on the receiver as well as any changes that will be synchronized with the cloud (registrations, cancellations, timings, ... etc).
  • The receiver connects to the APP thanks to its Bluetooth BLE connectivity (max. 10 m).
  • Activation of the receiver relay allows both pulse, timed, or switch mode activations

What technical specifications does the Fermax NearKey 2637 receiver have?

  • Dimensions (width, height, depth): 32x72.5x10mm
  • Mount: Hidden
  • Access control system: AUTONOMOUS
  • Reader operating mode: Bluetooth
  • Clone function: Yes
  • Maximum consumption: 120 mA
  • Power: 12-24VDC
  • Radiated power: 0 dBm
  • Number of relays: 1
  • Monostable / Bistable: Bistable
  • Relays maximum amperage (A): 2
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