Nevoswitch 13 in x 13 out x 24 for floors "F" terminal / cascade

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Nevoswitch 13 inputs x 13 outputs x 24 from floor "F" Terminal/Cascade

It has a low consumption mode (ECO) that adjusts the electrical consumption of the installation to the number of connected users. Each nevoswitch can be configured as a terminal or cascade via a switch. Its zamak chassis makes it immune to radiation.

easyF TELEVES black mini plastic box. For the installation of easyF mini dividers, indoors and outdoors.

New range of 13-input switchers. You have the following power options:

*Through the Power DC jack (12V)
*Through the SAT lines (12VDC)

The 12 Vdc power supply path is towards the SAT inputs/outputs, for powering the LNB or other chained elements (cascade).

In addition, each user outlet must be powered by applying between 12 and 18V through its connector (with a receiver).

This range incorporates the ECO system by which the consumption of the installation is reduced as the number of connected users decreases.

The power supply can be done autonomously through the satellite receiver, so no power supply is necessary, or with the power supply Ref. 732101 (Power Supply 12V-0.8A), which is sold separately.

Technical Characteristics of the Nevoswitch 13 x 13 x 24 "F" Terminal/Cascade. Ref. 714704 from Televes

Stands out for:

Zamak chassis that makes them immune to radiation.
Scalable system for star and cascade topologies. IF gain expandable +10dB for each group of 8 users.
Remote power supply through inputs and outputs.
Low consumption ECO mode.

Main features:

Compact design.
Configurable cascade/star.
Independent amplification of each line (8 satellite + 1 terrestrial).
Multiple power options (Jack, VL line, terrestrial input or output and user connectors)
Adjustable gain and equalization.


Type     13x13x24
Frequency range MHz SAT 950 ... 2200 / 2400
RF 88 ... 862
RP 5 ... 65
Input level dBμV SAT 112
RF 90
Through losses dB SAT 6 ... 11 / 15
RF 6
RP 9
Tap losses.
1..8 /9..16 / 17..24 /25..32
dB SAT (1) 3/6/10 /-
RF 4 / 6 / 8 / -
RP 34 / 37 / 40 / -
Isolation dB H/V >30
Users >25
DC pass   In-Out / Out-In
Max. total consump mA PSU Low Gain(2) 130
High Gain(2) 260
Receiver 40
Temp. range ºC   –5 ... +45 ºC
Protection level IP   IP20


More Information
EAN 8424450173213
System Satellite
SERIE Nevoswitch
Type Cascading, Final
# Input satellites 12
# Terrestrial inputs 1
# Inputs 13
#User outputs 24
LNB type Quattro
Product Brand Televes
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