Optical fiber reflectometer Promax Prolite 52

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Fiber optic reflectometer. Ref. Prolite 52 from Promax.

The PROLITE-52, which stands out for its economic price, is specially designed for operators and subcontractors who have to perform reflectometry functions even when the optical fiber is in service, since the 1625 nm wavelength is not used continuously. for stable services.

The PROLITE-50/51/52 optical reflectometers allow to characterize a fiber optic line. By working by reflection, they analyze all the events of the fiber (connectors, splices, fusions, splitters, etc.) making them very useful tools for maintenance and repair work.
The technician will be able to detect faults located at any point in the fiber and know exactly where the problem is.
The PROLITE-50/51/52 work up to three wavelengths (1310, 1550 and 1625 nm depending on the model) and have a high dynamic range.
The PROLITE-50/51/52 micro OTDRs are compact, lightweight and easy-to-use devices. Its color LCD screen shows information clearly, either day or night. They can store up to 1000 measurements thanks to its internal memory and pass the data to the PC through the USB connector for later analysis.

Technical Characteristics Reflectometer for fiber optics Promax PROLITE-52:

- Lightweight, portable, easy to use and inexpensive
- Quick tests, presented on a large LCD screen
- Backlit display for dark environments
- Measurement of the length and defects in the optical fiber
- Large capacity memory (up to 1000 test curves according to model)
- Data transfer to PC (RS-232 / USB port + software)
- Interchangeable optical connectors (FC / PC or optional SC, ST)
- Shock, dust and moisture proof; ideal for field work
- LCD indicators for battery charge and status
- Rechargeable NiMH batteries included


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