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Pigtail FO SM 9/125 SC / APC G657A2 3mm LSZH of 3 meters

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0.9mm monodomo Pigtail

This fiber optic patch cord allows the transmission of optical signal from one device to another separated from each other by a distance of 3 meters.

This fiber optic pigtail is used to connect one end using the SC / APC connector and the other end to connect it to the fiber of the main cable.

It has an outside diameter of 0.9 mm and is halogen free.

24/48 Hours

This pigtail has an SC / APC connector on one end and the free fiber on the other to be spliced with the main channel.

What technical characteristics does the pigtail SC / APC connector have?

  • SC / APC connector.
  • It is single mode.
  • It has a diameter 0.9mm.
  • It is halogen free.
  • It has a distance of 3m.
  • Insertion losses of 0.10dB.
  • Return losses of 61.4dB.

What is a fiber optic pigtail used for?

A fiber optic pigtail cable consists of a short fiber cord. A connector on one of the ends that interfaces with the equipment and fiber discovered at the other end to be spliced to the fiber of the main cable.

At the uncovered end of the pigtail cable, the color coating (Coating) is peeled and fused or spliced to a fiber or a multifiber trunk.

A pigtail splice "opens" the multifiber main cable for connection to the final equipment.

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EAN 8430549053267
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Interior
Color Yellow
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