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Plastic cabinet 45x45x15cm with frame and door

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45x45x15 cm plastic cabinet with frame and door

The secondary register AMP066 is a plastic cabinet that meets the ICT requirements for telecommunications installations.

With this secondary register we will be able to organize our telecommunications cables in the secondary network of the building.

This cabinet has a door so we can protect the structured wiring connections.

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The AMP066 closet allows structured wiring to be connected to the building's secondary network.

What technical characteristics does the AMP066 register have?

  • Has a size of 45x45x15 cm.
  • It has a door to protect the connections.
  • It's plastic.

What is a secondary record used for?

The Secondary Registers are used at the main and secondary pipeline meeting points, such as change of address registers and as connection registers every 30 m of the main channel.

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EAN 8406606600019
Color White
Type Cabinets
Entorno Interior
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