Power injector Dinova antenna, connection to 12V by Televes

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12V Power injector. Ref TEL7450

Current injector for feeding active antennas, ideal for Dinova antennas, is used in vehicles such as caravans, and motorhomes to send the necessary voltage to these antennas, such as the Dinova antenna. It serves to power devices such as terrestrial antennas and LNBs that can not be installed with a power supply. This injector is simple connection and very small size with high armor chassis.

Power inyector Dinova antennas by Televes

Main features

  • Three female F connectors, 75 ohm.
  • 20 cm cable with black marking for the negative and red for the positive.
  • DC step in a single connector.
  • Plastic protection plugs for the connectors.

Technical features

Max. input voltage Vdc 24
Max. current A 1
Frequency range MHz 10...2150
Through losses dB ≤ 0,5
Return losses dB > 10

More Information
EAN 8424450074503
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
Product Brand Televes
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