Power supply 120mA, 24Vc, 2 outputs, F

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Satélite Rover

120mA and 24Vc power supply

The Satellite Rover 86009 power supply is a reduced-size 120mA and 24Vc power supply that has short-circuit protection.

It has two symmetrical outputs with F connectors, this means that the signal that leaves both outputs is of equal intensity and quality.

The feeder must be an installer in a ventilated place and protected from moisture.

The power supply supplies 24 Vdc by the same coaxial antenna cable and at the same time distributes the TV signal in two symmetrical outputs.

What technical characteristics does the 86009 feeder have?

  • Inputs / Outputs 1/2
  • Frequency (MHz) 47..862
  • Type F connection
  • Mains voltage (Vac) 230 ± 10%
  • Output voltage (Vdc) 24
  • Maximum current (mA) 120
  • Insertion losses (dB) 4
  • Dimensions (mm) 105 x 110 x 45
More Information
Power supplyMast Amplifier
Feed Power 24 Vc
Current (mA)120
Product BrandSatélite Rover
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