Power Supply 12VC and 1A for a camera

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Power Supply 12VC, 1A for a CCTV camera.

This 12Vc and 1A power supply is used as a generic source for surveillance cameras. Most surveillance cameras have a consumption of less than 1A.

The feeder is universal and works for all surveillance cameras.

Just keep in mind the voltage and current your camera needs. If your camera needs 12Vc, and less than 1000mA you can use this transformer.

Technical Specifications of the 12Vc, 1A power supply for a CCTV camera.


Voltage: 12Vc
Intensity: 1A
Type: universal
Colour: black

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EAN 8432759882132
Color Black
System Not intelligent
SERIE Accessories
CCTV Accessory Power supply
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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