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Power Supply 24Vdc 2500mA

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Satélite Rover

Power supply 24Vdc 2500mA. Ref: ROV87049.

24 Vdc power supplies for use in single-channel module headers. Reference 87049 incorporates compatible fixing to the racks.

This power supply allows a maximum output current of 2500mA.

Occupies 1 slot in rack space.

24/48 Hours

Technical Characteristics of the Power Supply 24Vdc 2500mA. Ref: ROV87049.


Rack spaces: 1.
Maximum modules: 18.
Input voltage: 240V.
Output voltage: 24V.
max. output current: 2500mA
Output connector: female faston
Model: FAZG-2500

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8430923870541
System DTT
Color White
Power supply Monocanal
Feed Power 24 Vc
Current (mA) 2500
Outputs 1
Product Brand Satélite Rover
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