Power supply 24 Vc, 130 mA, 2 outputs

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Power Supply Picokom mix 24V / 130mA FI 5795 by Televes

The new small-sized power supply fits inside a 10x10cm box!

Televes 5795 power supply that replaces the discontinued 5495.

It feeds at 24V and 130mA, designed for Televes mast amplifiers, being compatible with other amplifiers of the same voltage.

The PicoKom family is composed, in a first phase, by two power supplies and a housing amplifier.

Technical Specifications of the Power Supply 24V/130mA FI mix Picokom

Televes 5795 24V 130mA power supply for mast amplifiers.

What are the main features of the Televes 5795 power supply?

  • The design is based on the use of micro-edge (1mm x 0.5mm) that is helpping to decrease the size of the devices and their power consumption.
  • The small size make discrete and suitable for installation in 100x100 and lower registers.
  • The source ref.5795 has two asymmetric RF outputs where one can be directly connected to a TV and the other output to a distribution network.
  • The new PicoKom series, consisting of two power supply and amplifier housing is a step in the design and manufacture of household products.
  • Small (90x67x28mm) to fit into any box.
  • Power mode high efficiency.
  • Low consumption.
More Information
EAN 8424450140925
System DTT
Color White
Power supply Mast Amplifier
Feed Power 24 Vc
Current (mA) 130
Outputs 2
Product Brand Televes
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