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Watch DTT through Satellite

Since 2009, the government of Spain has made the Hispasat 30º West satellite DTT system available to citizens. This system, although free, is not available in areas where television can be received in a conventional way, that is, with a terrestrial DTT antenna.

Spain's DTT satellite system is encrypted. Which means that it is encrypted, it cannot be received with any satellite receiver on the market. In fact, there is only one receiver model on the market today that allows viewing of DTT by satellite in Spain, and it is the Televes TDTSAT receiver.

At TDTprofesional we are a team of engineers, technicians and qualified personnel, among which it is worth highlighting we are registered as authorized telecommunications installers, which allows us to manage and register DTT satellite equipment for our clients.

People like you who have never been able to watch television, or with many difficulties, either because you live in an area without coverage, in the middle of a valley, behind a high-rise building, or because of interfering signals resort to us to give you a solution via satellite.

TDTSAT registrations are mainly managed for homes or motorhomes. For more information, consult Televes TDTSAT receiver.

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DTT via Satellite