Receivers High definition for DTT signals

Receivers DTT High Definition (HD)

A DTT Receiver can take digital television signals in high definition or standar one. The receivers (hd) have a lot of functions and reproduction (pvr). Also, it can 

 receptor TDT HD es un sintonizador capaz de recibir señales de televisión digital terreste tanto en formatos de alta definición como de definición estandar. Los receptores TDT en alta definción (HD) ya suelen incorporar funciones de grabación y reproducción (pvr). También son capaces de play videos in formats mkv (Matroska), divk, mpg, etc. that descargemos Internet.

Although many TV and feature a Freeview HD receiver, these are still very sold to record a different program that is directly in Televesion own, so you can watch one channel and record another high definción through these Freeview HD receivers.

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Kingston 16GB Pendrive

€6.43 Tax included

Pendrive 32 Gb Toshiba

€7.24 Tax included

TDT receiver DVB-T/T2 HD H-264 3M Lion opticum

Ref.: LION3M
€24.88 Tax included

High definition DTT receiver With E-264

Ref.: ECONE264
€28.44 Tax included

HD DTT DVB-T2 AX Lion 4-M plus receiver

€28.59 Tax included

SRT-8209 High Definition DTT Receiver

Ref.: SRT8209
€36.54 Tax included

DTT2 / QAM HD Illusion TC200 receiver

Ref.: ILLTC200
€37.49 Tax included

HD terrestrial receiver Opticum HDT50

Ref.: OPTHDT50
€39.08 Tax included

Pendrive 128 Gb Toshiba

€41.77 Tax included

VIARK Combo HD Receiver for Satellite, DTT and Cable with Wi-Fi

Ref.: ViarkCombo
€129.95 Tax included

Android TV 65" 4K Oled UHD Combo Metz

Ref.: METZ65S9A62A
€2,499.00 Tax included

High-definition DTT receiver T2H265 by Qviart

Ref.: QVIARTT2H265
€34.49 Tax included

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