Combo Receivers

3 in 1 Combo Receivers: DTT, Satellite and Cable

Do you want to watch DTT channels and satellite television with the same receiver? Make it happen by buying a combo receiver. DTT and satellite in a decoder.

The combo receivers have terrestrial antenna input, satellite antenna input and cable TV. Achieving that with a single device and a remote control you can have the list of channels of both signal systems.

Gain comfort by zapping through the different DTT channels and satellite channels instantly; without having to change receivers, controls or having to re-tune the television.

Features and Benefits of Combo Receivers

  • Simplify, three in one: the main characteristic and advantage of these decoders is to be able to watch terrestrial, satellite and cable television with the same device, without changing the receiver and quickly and directly
  • Image quality: this type of receiver is characterized by its high definition. Many of them support the 4K viewing so requested lately. Enjoy your favorite series with the highest possible resolution.
  • Internet connection: most combo receivers include Wi-Fi and / or Internet connection via Ethernet input. Convert your television into a Smart TV thanks to a combo receiver. You will be able to enjoy it almost as if it were a computer; accessing video platforms and series (Youtube, Nexflix, HBO, Amazon Prime ...), news, weather, updates and much more.
  • Maximum comfort: the user of this type of receiver, as we have mentioned, enjoys great comfort. Forget searching for the correct remote or changing receivers.
  • Save money: the combo receiver is an inexpensive option. If we had to purchase a DTT receiver and a satellite receiver separately, the price would be much higher than buying only a combo receiver.
  • A plug, a consumption: the savings can also come from the use of a single outlet with the corresponding energy savings that it would entail.
  • Record and watch different channels: another advantage of these decoders is the possibility that we have to record a channel while we are watching a different channel, either satellite or DTT.

Buying a combo receiver is the ultimate solution to enjoying all of your television. Recommended 100%


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  1. Combo IPTV OTT Qviart OG Co Full HD Linux CA Receiver
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  2. Combo Receiver APEBOX CI Common Interface DVB-S2/T2/C
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  3. Combo 4K WiFi QVIART DUAL Enigma2 + Android 9.0 Multistream Receiver
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  4. Receiver TDT SAT HD Televes
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6 Items

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