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Original Remote Controls

In this section we have located the original replacement controls for receivers and TV.

Although it is possible to replace any remote with a universal one, many choose to buy the exact same remote that they have. The advantage of the original controls is that they do not have to be programmed, with putting in the batteries it would be ready to use. In addition, it has exactly the same buttons and functions as your old remote control.

In this catalog we have also included factory-programmed universal remotes to work with TVs from the following brands: LG, Samsung, SONY and Philips. They are plug & play controls like an original one and they work with all TVs of the same brand, even with those that are already discontinued.

As for receiver controls, we currently have controls for Thomson, VIARK, Televes, Opticum, Strong and Cristor Atlas equipment.

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  1. Remote control for LG and SAMSUNG Superior televisions
    SKU: TC0907

    €6.99 Tax included
  2. Superior remote control for PHILIPS TV
    SKU: TC0910

    €7.59 Tax included
  3. Superior remote control for TV SONY
    SKU: TC0909

    €7.94 Tax included
  4. Control for Apebox Receiver

    €9.08 Tax included
  5. Remote Control of Receivers QVIART OG

    €9.68 Tax included
  6. VIARK LIL Receiver Remote Control

    €9.68 Tax included
  7. Remote control receiver illusion sa600
    SKU: MADSA600

    €9.68 Tax included
  8. Remote control for Opticum SLOTH receivers

    €11.31 Tax included
  9. Remote Control for Engel RS8100Y Receiver
    SKU: ENGRF8100M

    €11.52 Tax included
  10. Mando a Distancia para Receptor Engel 1015K
    SKU: ENGMD1015K

    €13.54 Tax included
  11. Thomson THS804 and THS805 Receiver Control
    SKU: MANTHS804

    €13.66 Tax included
  12. Remote control for Strong and Thomson receivers

    €14.18 Tax included
  13. MAG254 Receiver Control
    SKU: MADMAG254

    €14.76 Tax included
  14. Remote control for Cristor Atlas HD200SE satellite receiver

    €15.17 Tax included
  15. Receiver Remote Control QVIART OG2 /4K/S

    €16.25 Tax included
  16. LG/Samsung Remote Control
    SKU: TEL830207

    €16.49 Tax included
  17. Original Remote Control zAs Receiver Televes
    SKU: TEL993701

    €18.19 Tax included
  18. Telesystem Universal Remote Control OUTLET

    €19.83 Tax included
  19. M7 Remote Control for MZ-101 / MP-201 Receivers
    SKU: MADM7MZ101

    €25.49 Tax included
  20. M7 Remote Control for MZ-102 Receiver
    SKU: MADM7MZ102

    €25.49 Tax included
  21. Universal remote control for Telesystem All in One receivers

    €26.15 Tax included
  22. Remote Control for Viark Sat Receiver

    €9.68 Tax included

    22 Items

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Originals Controls