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How to program a universal remote control?

The deterioration of remote controls is very common. Children and dogs are the biggest enemies of our remote controls, and it is very common for the control of our DTT to break down, either due to use (faulty buttons), due to falls or because it has gotten wet.

In other cases, we also find a lot of remote controls; TV, DTT receiver, Bluray or DVD, HI-FI and even air conditioning.

Therefore, for those who want to get a new universal remote control or simply want to reduce and conserve the number of remote controls they have in the living room, it is advisable to purchase a programmable remote.

A programmable remote can be configured to function exactly the same as the original remote. Each button on the new remote control will work exactly the same as the old remote that we want to replace.

In particular, we want to underline the ease of programming a 2-in-1 remote control (the 4-in-1 is exactly the same) from the “Superior” range. In this remote control we will have all the controls that we had in our original remote control, if not, a map of button equivalences is shown during the configuration of the remote control.

What do we need to program our universal remote?

  1. A “Superior” 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 universal remote control
  2. A “Superior” Programming IR
  3. A Windows PC (we don't sell that)

How is our universal remote programmed?

To program our DTT universal remote we have to follow the following steps:

  1. We connect the programming IR to the computer. This detects it directly and does not need to install any driver (valid for Windows).

  2. Download the programming software from the web www.telecontrol.tv . This software is updated very periodically in order to have a large number of TV models, DTT receiver, satellite receiver, Bluerays, etc. Once downloaded, run the installer and install it on our computer.

  3. Once installed, we will run the program and update the database. It is advisable to do it every time you ask us.

  4. We have to detect the remote control that we are going to program, for this we confront the universal remote control with the programming IR with a separation of one centimeter.

  5. When it detects the remote, we have to select the tab located in the upper left corner to assign a device to it. We look for the brand and model for the tdt universal remote that we want to program and double click on it. The assigned code will be copied under the tab on the left.

  6. In the case of programming more than one device, we can do the same operation with the second tab from the left (there will be 4 tabs in the case of the 4-in-1 remote).

  7. Click with the mouse on the "Program" button making sure that the control is aligned and ready.

If you only want to acquire the remote control, in TDTprofessional we can program the remote control, for this you have to indicate in the field observations of the order the brand of the device (tv, tdt receiver, dvd, etc.) and the model that appears on a white sticker normally located on a non-visible part of the equipment.


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  1. Simple dial numbering of the top brand
    SKU: TC0912
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    €4.63 Tax included
  2. Superior Universal Stick Controller
    SKU: SUPTLB003
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    €4.80 Tax included
  3. Superior Simply+ Remote Control
    SKU: Simply+
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  4. Programming IR for remote 2 in 1 and 4 in 1 Superior
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  5. TV Remote Control Compatible with Samsung
    SKU: MAN60.806SM/S
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    €6.10 Tax included
  6. Universal Remote Control Ready5 Smart Without Programming from Superior
    SKU: SUPTRB020
    On request
    €6.13 Tax included
  7. Remote control TV Multibrand ELECTRO DH
    SKU: MAD60804
    In stock
    €6.85 Tax included
  8. Remote control Hotel TV Superior
    In stock
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  9. Universal Remote Control 2 in 1 TV + DTT Axil
    SKU: ENGMD0283E
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    €7.85 Tax included
  10. Superior Freedom Micro-USB 4in1 Programmable Controller
    SKU: SUPTUB003
    On request
    €8.48 Tax included
  11. Remote control for AX-150 and AX300-MINI receivers
    On request
    €10.48 Tax included
  12. Universal 4 in 1 remote -Superior
    SKU: MAD4EN1
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  13. 2 in 1 remote control by Superior with programmer included
    SKU: MADX1
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  14. Universal IR Remote Control for Smartphone
    SKU: MADIRB001
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  15. Universal Remote Control for Smart TV
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  16. Original controls for satellite receivers
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  17. TV Remote Control with Microphone ELECTRO DH
    SKU: MAD60807
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