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Satellite Receivers with Android OS

Satellite decoders with Android operating system extend the functions of satellite equipment by allowing applications to be downloaded through the Google Play Store, so that the television becomes a Smart TV, an Android device similar to a smartphone or tablet.

The applications most requested by Android users are those that offer streaming movies and series such as: YouTube, Netflix, HBO, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, etc.

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  1. Satellite Receiver RS8100 HD PVR/wifi Refurbi Engel
    SKU: ENGRS8100R

    €47.19 Tax included
  2. Satellite receiver Android Ultra HD 4K Iris 1802
    SKU: IRIS18024K

    €123.00 Tax included
  3. Iris 1800 4K Pro Android Satellite Receiver
    SKU: IRIS1800

    €134.00 Tax included
  4. 4K Android Satellite Receiver ARIVA ATV Twin Tuner

    €183.16 Tax included

4 Items

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