Audio/Video Transmitters

Wireless A/V Transmitters

In this section of TDTprofesional we have transmitters available to send audio and video signals from one room to another.

It is frequent that we have contracted Movistar+, Orange Tv, Jazztel or any other television platform and we only have one receiver on the television in the main living room of the house.

People like you come to our website looking for a way to watch this television from one or more of the rooms in the house quickly and easily, without having to pass wiring, which in most cases is impossible.

That is why the ideal solution is to use an audio and video transmitter.

What the audio and video transmitters do is share the signal from their main receiver directly to a secondary television. Keep in mind that you would see the same channel on the main television as on the secondary television at the same time. In any case, it is not a major inconvenience either because on the main television you can always use another signal source such as the internal DTT tuner to watch DTT, while the person in the room uses the transmitter to see the Movistar+ receiver or whatever, in the room.

In other words, you can put Movistar+ on the main television and in the bedroom at the same time, watching the soccer game on both televisions at the same time. But you can also switch to DTT mode on the main television and watch your child a cartoon channel through DTT while you enjoy the football game in the room.

There are mainly two types of transmitters. The cheapest ones that are connected by scart or RCA transmit the signal in an analog way. And then there are the HD transmitters that connect via HDMI and the signal is transmitted digitally with higher image quality.

We have to be clear about the connections we have both in the video source equipment and in the television to be able to connect the transmitters.

In addition, the transmitters generally allow you to change the channel from the secondary room since they also transmit the signal from the remote control.

In case of doubts, contact us.