Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV Wall Mounts

Win in comfort, space and aesthetics with a television stand.

Fixed brackets keep the television fixed to the wall. Its small drawback compared to others is that it does not allow the movement or rotation of the television, although they are very cheap supports.

When is a fixed television mount recommended?

This type of TV stand is recommended for when the wall is aligned with the sofa or seat you use to watch TV. But if your wall is at an angle to the seat, you should buy an adjustable television mount or arm mount to allow the television to rotate and your television is facing your seat.

It is also ideal for premises or businesses where we want to place a television with information or promotions and keep it fixed, and thus prevent customers from moving it. We also have ceiling supports widely used in corridors of shops, offices or meeting rooms among others.



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  1. Fixed LCD support 37kg 23-37" VESA 75/100/200
    SKU: DAXSV0173
    In stock
    €7.78 Tax included
  2. Fixed TV Wall Mount TVSLIM-S 14-42" 25kg VESA
    SKU: ENGAC0558E
    In stock
    €8.77 Tax included
  3. Support for 17-42 "AX MIRAGE 42 LCD
    In stock
    €9.49 Tax included
  4. 23-55" AX MIRAGE PLUS LCD Stand
    On request
    €13.61 Tax included
  5. Fixed TV Support 32-65" 35kg VESA 600x400 LUNIX SLIM L
    SKU: ENGAC0570E
    In stock
    €13.94 Tax included
  6. Fixed TV Stand 23-55" Opticum ROYAL 45kg
    On request
    €16.70 Tax included
  7. 13-42'' TV Support Fixed Max. 20Kg VESA 200x200
    SKU: TVM-2355PT-B
    In stock
    €16.77 Tax included
  8. Universal Table Support 23-70'' Max. 50Kg VESA 800X400 from Superior
    SKU: SUPSTV018
    In stock
    €17.46 Tax included
  9. TV Stand 32"-82" VESA 45kg HERMANN
    In stock
    €19.47 Tax included
  10. 32-65'' TV Support Fixed Max. 30Kg VESA 600X400 MAGNUM PLUS
    On request
    €22.29 Tax included
  11. Soporte de TV 23"-37" hasta 15Kg, inclinable de color Plata
    SKU: H101L
    In stock
    €28.71 Tax included
  12. Tripod TV Stand 42-70'' Max. 32Kg VESA 600x400 from Superior
    SKU: SUPSTV012
    In stock
    €103.12 Tax included

14 Items

Set Descending Direction
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