Televes Digidom Wireless Remote Control Transmitter

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Remote control extender

This extension allows the control of devices located in another room without using intermediate cables.

It can be used to remotely control several receivers, such as music equipment, satellite receiver, dvd, etc. You just have to place an emitter element and a receiver in the points of interest, one near us, where we will use the remote control and another in the location of the devices that we want to control. The signal will be sent from one to another by radio waves.

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Remote control infrared signal (IR) system that allows remote control of devices that are not located in the same room as the user.

What technical characteristics does the 723703 transmitter have?

  • Powerful
  • Compact and discreet design, ideal for any stay
  • Low consumption
  • Possibility of coexistence of up to 8 equal teams within the same area of influence
  • Transmitted signal coded between the transmitter and the receiver to avoid interference with other devices

What technical specifications does the 723703 transmitter have?

  • AC power
  • 100-240 @ 50 / 60Hz
  • Power DC Vdc 5
  • Consumption TX / RX mA TX -40 / RX -50
  • Working frequency MHz 433.9 (± 100KHz)
  • Type of modulation ASK
  • Coding 8 selectable channels per switch.
  • Carrier IR KHz 30-60

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Remote control IR Transmitter
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