Removable tray rack of 600mm. Of bottom.

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Removable rack tray 600mm deep.

The removable tray, which must be fixed to the 4 profiles of the 19" cabinet, is fixed by means of a set of 4 rack screws. It only occupies 1U in height.
Suitable for wall cabinets with a depth of 60 cm, it has a thickness of 1.5 mm on the tray and 1.8 mm for the rail. It slides outwards thanks to its bearing guides. It is suitable for easy access to devices placed on it.
ATTENTION: Each manufacturer has specific accessories for their Racks. In other words, our fixed trays are only suitable for our cabinets.

Technical Specifications of the 600mm deep removable rack tray.



*Its manufacture is made of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel.
*Rail: 12´/14´2 section of rails.
*Painted in matt black RAL 9005.
*Width 19" (48.26 cm.) Depth: 35 cm.
*It has a grooved surface for easy ventilation.
*Weight: 1kg.
*Dimensions: 38x49x06 cm.
*Depth: 60cm

More Information
SystemRack Accessories
Depth600 mm
Rack typeRack cabinete
Rack accessoriesDetachable plates
Product BrandPowergreen
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