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RFID proximity Key

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RFID-TAG proximity key

This key allows you to identify yourself thanks to RFID technology for radio frequency identification. It is compatible with RFID readers and is used for access control in homes, premises or offices.

The key contains a microchip that is activated when the reader radiates energy by radiofrequencies, then the microchip emits a response in the form of code. For the reader to allow you to access, it is necessary to add the key to the memory of the system through a simple programming.

24/48 Hours

RFID Proximity TAG keychain for access control in your home or office. They do not need to be fed, so they do not require batteries.

What specifications does the RFID-TAG proximity keychain have?

RFID 125 KHz Pasive
Material PVC and metal rings
Dimensions 58 (Al) x 27 (An) mm
Weight 5 g
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8435325411507
Color Blue
Identification EM Card/Keychain
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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