Satellite dish 130cm aluminum in white Televes

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Satellite dish 130cm diameter Televes 747501

The parabolic antenna of 130 cm in diameter is made of aluminum and has a gain of 42 dB.

With this antenna we can receive the English channels received by Astra 28º in the peninsula.

It has a weight of 16 Kg and supports a maximum wind speed of 160 km/h.

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The Televes 747501 antenna is a 130 cm diameter white antenna.

What technical characteristics does the 747501 antenna have?

  • Gain of 42dB.
  • Aluminum disc.
  • Frequency 10.7-12.75 GHz.
  • F-D ratio of 0.6.
  • Elevation of 30-80º.
  • Weight of 16 Kg.
  • Wind load 1392-1914 N.
  • Maximum wind speed supporting 160 km / h

What satellites can I see with the 130 cm antenna?

With a 130 cm antenna I can receive the signal to watch English television anywhere on the peninsula.

What is PIRE?

Equivalent Radiated Isotropic Power (ERP) is the amount of power emitted by a satellite. The EIRP takes into account the losses of the transmission line and the connectors and includes the gain of the antenna. It is expressed in decibels with respect to a reference power emitted by an equivalent signal power.

That is, the EIRP is the amount of signal that reaches our antenna, taking into account the signal emitted by the satellite and the gain of the antenna installed.

More Information
EAN 8424450180594
System Satellite
SERIE Aluminum
Color White
Size +130 cm
Type Offset
Orientation Manual
Material Aluminium
Mast max. diameter 60 mm
LNB included No
Product Brand Televes
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