Unicable LNBs

Unicable LNBs for satellite distributions to several users over a single cable

The unicable system is very unknown to many, but it is the ideal solution for those installations where you do not want to mount more than four receivers and you cannot pass more than one cable.

Unicable LNBs are LNB converters that have two types of outputs. A universal output like the usual LNBs, and another special output called unicable. The unicable output has the particularity that it can be normally distributed up to four satellite receivers, which must have compatibility with a unicable system. Each receiver could see the channel it wanted from any of the polarities.

This system is very interesting especially for more complex satellite distributions, for example in communities where each user wants to receive a different polarity, from one or even several satellites. Or users who do not want to have to choose a single polarity, if not who want to receive the complete satellite with all its programming.

We recommend that you verify the compatibility of your receivers with the unicable system by searching for this option within the menu of your receiver. You can also purchase unicable-compatible satellite receivers from our store.

Recently, Unicable II technology LNBs have come onto the market, which allow us to do the same, but with up to 24 users!

In this video we explain everything about the Unicable system:


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  1. LNB SCR Excellento Network 2 Outputs (Satellite and Legacy)/1 Terrestrial Input Offset 0.1dB
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