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Amplifiers for Satellite Headers

The satellite head amplifiers are modules that make the amplificate from the satellite dish. These modules typically supplement the head of digital terrestrial television and have their own entrance from teh satellite signal and a bridge mixing with the terrestrial signal. It is used in heading communities that require powerful amplification for the distribution.

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  1. Kit for connection of module T.0X with PC

    €66.96 Tax included
  2. Central FI amplifier D + 532401 Televes

    €67.03 Tax included
  3. Fagor 48dB 950-2150MHz FI Modular Amplifier

    €88.60 Tax included
  4. Amplifier system for T12 Televes

    €92.95 Tax included
  5. CDC-IP Modem

    €229.19 Tax included
  6. Transmodulador Digital QPSK - QAM (controllable)

    €237.08 Tax included
  7. FI Triple Processor (controllable).

    €341.24 Tax included
  8. FI Johansson processor

    €530.22 Tax included

9 Items

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Satellite Amplification boxes