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Programmable Amplifiers with Satellite Input

Programmable head-end amplifiers with satellite input (950-2400 MHz). Amplifies and mixes the satellite signal with terrestrial to distribute them together at the output. These amplifiers are used in small collective installations with a maximum of 30 outlets.

The programmable amplifier allow to achieve a balanced amplification of the different RF inputs, thanks to the multitude of adjustment possibilities it offers.

With this system, all users in the community receive the same satellite polarity. The amplifier itself is the one that powers the LNB and selects the desired polarity.

Among the programmable amplifiers with satellite stands out the Avant X Basic SAT and Pro SAT line from Televes ref. 532113 and 532133. Especially for its easy configuration through the smartphone app or with the original Televes programmer control. The Pro SAT version also has an automatic gain adjustment function, that is, the control unit itself adjusts the gain to offer a flat output in frequency.

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  1. Engel PRO TERR + SAT Bluetooth Programmable Amplifier
    SKU: ENGAM3100

    €199.38 Tax included
  2. Evo Pro 300 Programmable Central with 5 Inputs 1FM/1VHF/2xUHF/1SAT
    SKU: FAG35590

    €304.93 Tax included
  3. Programmable Central 5 Inputs (FM, DAB/BIII, 2 UHF and SAT) 5G

    €310.37 Tax included
  4. Profiler Revolution SAT Central HP 70dB
    SKU: JOH6702HP

    €311.99 Tax included

5 Items

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SAT Programmable Amplifiers